Silent Disco!

Let’s boogie down at The Fairfax Festival!

Visit our first Silent Disco at the Ballfield on June 9th and 10th! All kinds of music – rock and roll, jam band, hip-hop and more! Jennifer Burner is joining the DJ lineup on Sunday along with other top D.J’s you can dance along with! Saturday 12 – 6pm  & Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 pm.

Join the Church of the Open Mind Art Car at the Fairfax Festival for the 1st Annual Fairfax Festival Silent Disco! We’re going to be broadcasting love and funky music on 3 channels, all day! We’re hosting local DJ’s playing funk, soul, hip-hop, pop, house, breaks, jam band and much much more!

You can buy a $10 All Day Access Pass to the Silent Disco and dance the festival away!


Red Channel

12:00 PM – Dj Stevie Bumps (House)
2:00 PM – dj adm (I’ll House You)
5:00 PM – DJ Shootin Star (House)

Blue Channel

12:00 PM – DJ Dee Vice (electronica)
1:30 PM – DJ Steppenwolf (80’s & Rock)
3:00 PM – Dj Aquara (Pop)
4:00 PM – DJ Natty (Golden Era of Hip Hop)
5:00 PM – DJ Nicki (Tribal Dance Wave)

Green Channel

12:00 PM – Zeek & the Pearl (Funk & Soul)
1:30 PM – Natalie & the Temple of Boom (Classic Rock)
2:30 PM – DJ Gatekeeper (Jam Band Experience)
4:00 PM – Jacent Jackson, Indie Alley (Classic Rock & 80’s)


Red Channel

11:00 AM – dj adm (disco funk hop)
12:30 PM – DJ Seven (House )
2:00 PM – DJ Nicki (Electro Swing)
3:00 PM – hyphyskazerbox (wonky/experimental/dance music)
4:30 PM dj adm (House & Breaks)

Blue Channel

12:00 AM – DJ Gatekeeper (Jam Band Experience)
1:00 PM – DJ Shootin Star ( 70’s Vinyl Set)
2:30 PM – Tyler – the Dead
3:30 PM – Dj Aquara (Pop)
5:00 PM – DJ Dee Vice (Top of The Pops)

Green Channel

11:00 AM – Jennifer Burner DJ Lumiere (5rhythms)
12:30 PM – DJ Natty B (Motown & R&B)
1:30 PM – DJ Nikki Rae (Mashup)
2:30 PM – Jordan (80’s/funk/rock)
3:30 PM – Zeek & the Pearl (Funk & Soul)
4:30 PM – DJ Stevie Bumps (The Band Set)

Hosted by the Church of the Open Mind Art Car

We’re on a mission to spread LOVE and Transformational Openness across the Playa and beyond, and bring our Mutant Vehicle to Burning Man 2018 and beyond. We’re hosting the Silent Disco to bring more funky boogie to our beloved home of Fairfax.
Sponsored by Holmes Burrell Real Estate and Hairfax Studio

About the Silent Disco

The Silent Disco phenomena has been sweeping the globe, opening up the opportunity to have dance parties anywhere from quiet neighborhoods to iconic destinations to massive festivals and even conference floors and museums.

So, what exactly is Silent Disco? Per Wikipedia: A silent disco or silent rave is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing.


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