Church of The Open Mind

A Burning Man Art Car
Spreading Love & Radical Illumination Across the Playa & Beyond.

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Radical Vehicle

We are a group of veteran Burners and our time at Burning Man has given so much back to us in relationships and experiences.

In 2017 we were moved to participate and share in a new way by creating and operating our Mutant Vehicle. Embracing many of the Ten Principles, our process was truly a community effort. There are always new ways to participate and engage at Burning Man, and this was truly a radical experience, one we look forward to sharing with Black Rock City and beyond in 2020!

The joy of gifting that builds a city of 70,000 people!

by Love

Last year’s Burning Man theme of Radical Ritual spurred us to create a Mutant Vehicle, a radical rolling church built on a truck frame floating around the desert with a mushroom-topped spire… The Church of the Open Mind! What a journey…

In 2017, we conceived and built a Rolling Church with a large tower emerging out of the Spire. This marks the visual centerpiece of our mutant vehicle — a vividly colored, radically-illuminated mushroom. It stands vibrant, 30 feet up and visible from afar. This Mushroom on a Church, The Tree of Life or A Light in the Sky; we invite all interpretations. ???

Helping Spread the Love

Like a mushroom grows from the decay of its host, our church represents the transformation of old rituals into new ceremony. Dance your way onto our car, bring your own joyful or reverent attitude and celebrate with vigorous enthusiasm!

Our intent is to present to the Burning Man community this moving space as a catalyst to transform traditional historical rites into new self-created inclusive ceremonies and rituals.

It is time to give our glowing vision to all the inhabitants of Black Rock City. We need your help to bring it back in 2020. This incredible structure and all of its light, sound and magic back out to the desert.


The Church of the Open Mind

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